Permanent hair removal

The ideal of beauty demands flawless, hair-free skin. The market for epilators is therefore booming. But not everything that is offered for hair removal keeps what is promised.

Electro-epilation, carried out with a probe, is the only proven and recognized method worldwide to permanently, i.e. permanently, remove unwanted hair. I offer you this tried and tested method for removing aesthetically disturbing hair, especially in the intimate area and on other parts of the skin.

Lasting and final
In an electrology practice, unwanted hair is permanently removed with the help of electroepilation, also known as probe or needle epilation. To be more precise, it is not the hair that is destroyed, but the hair roots (follicles), which are responsible for hair growth.
Electro-epilation is the only epilation method that claims to destroy hair roots not only permanently, but forever and has been proving its effectiveness for more than 130 years.
»I could tell you now that permanent hair removal is very easy these days and not a problem at all. But I don't do that.
It's not true, even if you can read it in advertising almost every day. The reverse claim that permanent hair removal is difficult, time-consuming and expensive is just as wrong.«


1. Thermolysis: Thermolysis causes heat to develop in the follicle using high-frequency alternating current via the inserted sterile epilation probe.

2. Electrolysis: During electrolysis, a lye develops in the follicle using direct current, which chemically destroys the stem cells of the hair root.

3. Blend method: With the blend method (blend comes from English and means "to mix"), high-frequency and direct current interact with each other in the follicle. With this combination, the resulting lye is heated by the thermolysis and the electrolysis process is accelerated. This allows the entire follicle to be treated more effectively. The blend method, discovered in 1938, has now established itself as the most successful epilation method worldwide.

three growth phases: The growth and loss of hair is subject to a cycle that can be divided into 3 phases:

1. The anagen phase or active growth phase. It lasts about two weeks during which the hair grows. Then it goes into the

2. Catagen phase or intermediate phase, above. This is followed by the

3. Telogen phase or resting phase, at the end of which a new hair forms to return to the anagen phase. The hair root is only destroyed by the needle in the first, anagen phase. Unfortunately, during epilation it is not possible to tell which growth phase the hair is currently in. That's why it's so important to come for epilation regularly so that all hairs are eventually epilated in their anagen phase.

Annoying hair?

Away with it...


The definitive hair removal -

for woman and man

For years, electrolysis has proven to be the only recognized technique in the field of permanent hair removal. An electrode is inserted into the hair follicle and the germ cell of the hair root is destroyed with a weak pulse. With the help of the latest computer technology, this method has been made even more effective and pleasant. Unwanted hair, especially in the intimate area or any other part of the body, can be removed very gently. Forever!

It is also used in my studio. To do this, a wafer-thin probe is inserted into the hair canal. The high-frequency current, which destroys the hair root, may only be triggered at the very bottom of the hair root for approx. 1 second. You do not feel the insertion of the probe, only the current as heat. Once the hair has been "coagulated" correctly, the hair can be removed.

How else can hair be removed?
Of course, there are a number of ways to temporarily remove hair, such as electrical hair removal using razors, electrical plucking systems or other similar effects on the skin's surface with electricity. Hair can also be removed with wax, with tweezers, with ultrasound or right now, red hot, with lasers or light-energetic "flash devices". The laser method is not yet mature and there is unfortunately no guarantee for permanent removal. But all of the methods described still fall unreservedly in the field of depilation, i.e. temporary hair removal.

The most successful and safest method to date is needle epilation for any hair color, whether red, gray or light blonde.

I don't believe in sterilizing the needles and giving them home to the patient. In a studio, I use new needles for every treatment. These are included in the cost of the epilation hours and are not charged separately. After electroepilation, temporary reddening and scabbing is normal.

Important! After epilation, you should refrain from the following for 48 hours: skin cleansing, cosmetic applications, sun/solarium, swimming, sauna and finger contact. It is best to keep the treated areas dry with baby powder.

How long does a treatment take:

Basically, it depends on the part of the body and the condition of the hair growth. Armpit hair, for example, can be epilated in about 8 hours, the genital area with normal hair in 8 to 15 hours - spread over 1 year. The situation is different for a man's back (from 10 to approx. 50 hours), legs (lower legs 10 - 20 hours), chest and stomach (approx. 20 - 40 hours), where the surfaces and the density of the hair are much larger.


For me, 30 minutes cost € 55.
To think you'll never have to shave those places again in your life!
If you are interested in permanent hair removal through epilation, make an appointment for more information or contact me.

If you have a long way to go, you can also arrange several appointments on one day or for the following days or even for the weekend.

Take a few days of vacation in one of our unique suites in the beautiful Kleinwalsertal and book a few hours of epilation for each day. Then they come home relaxed and nice and smooth.

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